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I don't mean to be a stiff or nuthin' but there are a few....provisos....a few quid pro quoes...concerning the kind of interactions on this profile.

:bulletred: I won't accept any spamming, trolling, bullying, harassing, or any mudslinging on this profile. Anyone who does anything of this sort pointed at me, the toons or other users will be blocked and reported. Not good enough for you? I'm not one for violence (usually) so I try to avoid it. But just you TRY to start something with me. Just you try. I dare you. This is a family place and I want peace, you got that? Good. After all, "If you can't say anything nice, don't say nuthin at all."

:bulletorange: Please try and keep our tongues clean on this profile huh? At least keep it PG-13. Thanks.

:bulletpurple: Also, please don't bother to try and "inform" me about any negative rumors or whatever kinda controversial crap you've "heard" or "think" about Disney or Walt himself. I'm sick and tired of hearing it and won't allow ANY of it on my profile, deviations or notes. None of it is true and anyone who believes it.,.well, I don't have anything nice to say about them. Anyone who chooses to argue with me should learn a little more about Disney History before showin up here and makin a fool of himself. So best keep yer "know it better" opinions to yerself, pal. You'll just be blocked anyway.

Now on a more encouraging side...

:bulletblue: This profile is supposed to bring Disney Fans together, so mingling is encouraged. For this, I have opened up a forum in which ALL are invited to participate. So feel free to make like Grim Grinning Ghosts and come out to socialize.

:bulletgreen: This is probably the most important rule of all: have fun!

Dear old Diz on Youtube!

For those of you who already know, ignore this. But you can easily find me on Youtube! The name's the same and if you want to see me in action or if you just want to check it out:

Hope to see you there!



Aug 24, 2016
11:48 am
Aug 22, 2016
9:37 pm
Jul 31, 2016
8:21 pm
Jul 30, 2016
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Jul 25, 2016
7:31 pm

One Last Thing Before You Go!


To anyone who may be wondering about the lack of activity, I've just returned from a two week trip. I'm about to head into another for a shorter time but at the moment, my emotional state is a mess, so while I may have the motivation to do everything I plan to do, I may have to take some time to myself. Hope everyone is having an awesome summer. 
Wishing a Happy 4th of July to any and all of my fellow Americans. :)
I am currently trying to design some new avatars. 5 years and I think an upgrade is due. Don't worry. I haven't given up. (Yet.)
Despite some hiccups, both emotionally and as far as my personal life is concerned, everything WILL continue as planned. I can promise you that, ladies and gentlemen. I WILL grant myself these wishes if it be the last thing I ever do. :)
May the 4th be with you, always. :) Yoda 

The Year of Wishes

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 15, 2016, 11:52 PM

Dear People of the World...

Hiya!  It's been a long time without any updates hasn't it?  Just a random slew of stuff and then boom, nothing for months. Not even a journal! And I love celebrating Christmas all year round but four months of nothing but that seems a bit much for other people I'm sure.  But to anyone wondering, no I'm not dead. (Yet.) And I'm here to deliver a somewhat solemn, yet hopeful message to the rest of you.

For the last three years, my depression has been a terrible roller coaster that I just want to jump off.  As if that weren't enough, fear, anxiety and insomnia have come along for the ride, making my mental state my own little corner of Hell. (Not to mention I STILL suffer the repercussions of the most terrible heartbreak I've ever endured.)  However, as it has been three years, I realize that I cannot allow myself to get weighed down further into this pit. 

Now I'm not saying that I'm going to try and get rid of my depression. Because that would be stupid and impossible and quite frankly WAY too overoptimistic.  But I AM saying that I would at least try and make things a bit more bearable as far as what my anxiety calls for. (Especially at this point in my life.) I'm hurr-hurr years old, no higher education and maintaining a so-so job while freeloading in a house I try to help keep up. Other than that, I'm basically a free-loader with too much spare time on his hands. 

As such, I have come to the somewhat optimistic conclusion that as long as I have no commitments, I may as well try to gradually land myself in a position that I'd be comfortable with at where I ought to be at my age. After all, I think it's about time I try to really keep moving forward.

Therefore, I have decided to steal from Tokyo DisneySea's campaign this year and label 2016 as my official "Year of Wishes!"

You may ask "why this year? Why not last year? You were all over the diamond celebration." And even if you didn't ask that, you're right.  The problem with that is, I WAS hoping to do all this last year.  I was hoping to use the celebration to give myself a break from all the doom and gloom and just try to make it the best year possible since the trouble started.  This meant making tons of new content for YouTube, finishing art projects, write more, you name it. 

Unfortunately....I got too busy for my own good.  That and after learning some very disheartening news, things started to go from bad to worse and I couldn't end up giving myself the break that I needed. So, rather than try again with that this year, I want to try and keep going regardless of whether I get any time to breathe or not. 

There are a lot of things I constantly get pestered about when I already have the initiative in mind to do. I've just never felt that I've been ready until now. Heck, I'm still not ready. But I'm sure that once I get a little bit more time to myself, I can and will find a way to balance the things that I'd LIKE to do and the things that I NEED to do.  After all, those things aren't going to finish themselves. 

And so, I've devised my own little list of wishes.  Well...three wishes, but that also have sub-wishes to go along with them.  Unfortunately, for privacy concerns I'm not prepared to list them in full detail here. (However, if you have me on FaceBook I'm sure you can find them there. 

I've a long way to go but I truly feel that if I try my hardest with baby steps, I might put myself in a better place. It's going to be difficult without therapy, but if this works, this may be all the therapy I'll need. I just hope that at the end of the day (or rather the end of the year) that I'll have changed how I go about life. It's like the saying goes. 

"Change is nature, and it starts when we decide."

Well, ladies and gentlemen? I've decided. Every wish needs a little hard work.  It's time to get started. I'm taking the first steps, and with any luck, I'll be moving forward. 

Thank you very much for reading this.  I hope that you'll join me for the ride.  I have a feeling this is going to be some adventure.  Let's just hope the results are promising.


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Captain Zora Catone
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Current Residence: Toontown
Favourite genre of music: I like alot of music. Almost anything really. Though personally, I believe that the beauty of music should speak for itself. When you want to tell a story with words however, you can count on the fact that I turn to Disney for their amazing songs and wonderful scores. Other musical interests of mine include Jazz (one of my favorites) Classical, Electronic (especially Daft Punk) Techno, Pop, Classic Rock (but nothing metal) 70's/80's/90's and anything before it, Punk Rock, and a few bands from this century (but not many) and yes...even some selected country. No rap or Hip Hop here I'm afraid. Can't stand the stuff.
Favourite photographer: Annie Leibovitz (for her dazzling Disney Dream Portrait Series) with selected surreal works of Eugenio Recuenco.
Favourite style of art: Disney Animation
Operating System: My 6 laptops (and there's something wrong with all of'em!)
MP3 player of choice: iPod nano
Shell of choice: Sea turtle's mate.
Wallpaper of choice: Disney-looking ish; custom made of course
Skin of choice: My own thank you very much.
Favourite cartoon character: Disney/Pixar character for sure, but that's asking 'who's your best friend?' I prefer not to have favorites. Prefences, sure, but I think those are more on the side of "closer" relations if you know what I mean.
Personal Quote: "Growing old is inevitable. But growing up is an option."
Interests new Pete's Dragon...yay or nay? Having seen it I say meh. It was alright, I liked it but uh...was it really necessary? 

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Jack's Halloween Wishes!


You are more than need to thank me. :)
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